Organic Spa

Is it really organic ? but it says it is organic? What does organic truly mean?

Do you ask these questions when trying to buy anything organic?

I did, when I was looking for an organic skincare line for The Beauty Oasis.

As I found out when I went looking, the labelling especially for overseas brands is very different to what Australia calls for on labels, and our standards for “organic” are worlds apart, for example, a very well known certification in Europe only needs 5 % of organic ingredient to call their product “organic”, so I ask what on earth is in the other 95%!!

The 3 classes in Australia are

  1. Under 70% organic content are to be described as “non organics”
  2. Over 70% is described as containing “certified organic ingredients”
  3. Over 95% organic content can be termed “certified organic”

ORGANIC SPA (made in our beautiful Byron bay shire), falls under the second certification class which is:

Containing over 70% organic certified ingredients, and the rest must be of natural origin, and cannot include ingredients such as, normal preservatives,

For example, Parabens, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, nor should the preservatives be hidden in terms like parfum.

Organic spa believe, that through the rigorous certification process of their manufacturing plant and approved formulas, together with random audits from the independent government approved certifier the OFC (organic food chain), they offer a true certified organic product unlike many offered in the current market.